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#WriteMentor 2022

Writing for chapter book or middle grade readers? Fancy some FREE mentoring? Read on writers...

In case you don't know, WriteMentor runs a summer mentoring program for writers of children's literature from picture books right up to YA. It's an application-based mentorship scheme that takes place over four months each summer, accumulating in an agent showcase. Our mentors are authors who volunteer their time to give back to the writing community.

First, a little about me:

I'm the author of two chapter books for readers aged six and above: Milton the Mighty and Milton the Megastar. I have also co-written another young reader novel, Panda in the Spotlight, with Sarah Horne, due out in June. All my books are published by Chicken House Books.

I'm represented by Lauren Gardner, of Bell Lomax Moreton, and am a long-time fan and contributor to WriteMentor.

As well as writing, I am a freelance editor (EmDashED) and have worked on books from unagented writers, all the way up to 'Big Five' publishers. I also tutor and mentor for WriteMentor Sparks, WMLit, and Creative Writing Ink, and I am just embarking on a new after school club for 7 to 11-year-olds called StorySpinners

I live in Bath, in the West Country, where I enjoy a spot of craft beer, playing board games and video games (I am addicted to Fortnite), and giving up on many a crafting activity (macrame being the latest).

What I'm looking for:

This year my wish list is an exercise in opposites: I'd love to mentor a chapter book writer, particularly with a funny, joyful story. I'm looking for sunny characters, who are optimistic and enthusiastic, kind and generous, basically, someone you'd just love to be best friends with. I'm not keen on slapstick, or forced humour - I prefer a lighter touch: comedic writing that feels natural and warm. I think we all could do with some light, some joy in our lives right now!

On the other hand ... I'm a horror fan and it makes me happy to see the growing trend in all things creepy for the upper middle-grade reader. In a similar sense, I want escapism but, in this case, with a good jump scare! Creepy comedy, or spooky and serious, I don't mind but as with the above, show me a strong character to get behind. They don't need to be likable - but I want to root for them whatever terrors they have to face. If you think you can make me need the lights on at night, get in touch!

Why WriteMentor?

In a word: community. WriteMentor is part of my life and has brought me many, many opportunities, not just in growing my own skill but bringing me together with a large group of individuals who are supportive, generous, and talented. It is a privilege to be a part of that and, in turn, it feels so special to be able to give back. My gift to you, if I select you as my mentee, is to lend you all the knowledge and support that WriteMentor has offered me.

If you have any questions, pop onto Twitter using the hashtag #WriteMentor and ask away. I'll be around on Monday evening (4th) and for the rest of the week to catch up with any enquiries. For more details head to the WriteMentor website.

Happy writing!


Even if I'm not the mentor you're looking for, I do offer free feedback on your first page, with EmDashED. Simply click below and say hello

From EmDashED Freelance Novel Editing

Emma Read is a freelance editor, creative writing tutor, and author, specialising in children's fiction from chapter books to YA.

She has many years of experience reading and critiquing fiction as a mentor, tutor, and longlist judge for both the Bath Children's Novel Award and the Write Mentor Children's Novel Award, as well as working with traditionally published and self-published authors, and publishers.

Get in touch at or on social media:

Twitter: @em_editorial

Insta: emdash_ed

LinkedIn: EmDashED



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