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Query Package

Once you're ready to send your work out to an agent, you'll need to put together a query package. Most agents require the first three chapters, a cover letter and a single-page synopsis. (Chapters up to 10K words - above 10K, contact me for prices - synopsis may be single-spaced) My review will include line edits to your cover letter and synopsis and feedback on your chapters, including, but not limited to: impact, pace, character, suitability for reader age, sense-checking, exposition and style. If you're not sure about your readiness to query, you might consider a Draft Development package first.


Synopsis critique only. A full line edit of the synopsis, including suitability for reader age, plausibility and marketability of premise. (One page, single-spaced 2-point font - if you're struggling to fit your synopsis onto one page, get in touch - I can help with this too!)


Developmental Edit

If you've done as much as you can with self-editing, and made the most of critique partners or beta readers, you might be ready for feedback on your full manuscript.

This will be delivered as a review document and will cover all the main areas of novel editing, such as structure, character, style and voice, POV, plot, concept and anything else relevant or requested.


£9 per 1,000 words   

Line and Copy Edit

Delivered as tracked changes and comments on your manuscript, a combined line and copy edit provides value for money when assessing the finer detail within the manuscript. This edit will help you refine your prose, ensuring consistency of voice and style. As well as checking grammar and punctuation I will make suggestions for changes to enhance the clarity and effectiveness of your writing whilst maintaining your voice on the page

£35 per hour   

First Draft Development

Got a few rough chapters, a plot outline or premise but not sure if you're on the right track? I can help you take your ideas to the next stage. Seeking assistance at the beginning of a novel's development can save a lot of time in editing later on.

Perhaps you have a few ideas but don't know which is the most commercial, or you think you're ready to query but want to make sure you have a believable plot. If you're the type of writer who appreciates a solid plan before you begin, a draft development package might be for you.

Prices start at £50 for a premise review, £75 for a plot outline review and £6 per thousand words for first-draft chapters, all delivered in a bespoke report

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