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Freelance Novel Editing

Specialising in children's fiction from Chapter books to YA

"Working with Emma has been brilliant, a real pleasure – her reader report was inciteful, professional and delivered before the deadline." 

Leah James, Executive Editor, Scholastic Children’s Books

"Emma’s insights and suggestions, positive and encouraging throughout, were just what I needed - they helped to shine a light on issues I was struggling to see. Her actionable feedback drew attention to wider points, such as pacing and voice, as well as smaller-scale opportunities for quick improvements. Recommended!"

Patrick Griffiths, author and winner of Books for Pakistan auction

"The first draft is black and white. Editing gives the story colour" ~ Emma Hill

Why do you need an editor?

You have a story to tell. And you want to do that story justice. 

As a writer, you want to convey your ideas, your voice, and your message in the best possible way. But, no matter how talented you might be, you can't help but get close to your work ... too close.

That's where an editor comes in. You might need a developmental edit to help with the structure of your plot, or perhaps you want to pay attention to the finer details with a line or copy edit. Either way, EmDashED can help you.

And as an author and an editor, I understand what it's like to both give and receive feedback. I work collaboratively with my authors, ensuring your words showcase your creative talent in the best way possible.

Before I secured my first publishing deal, I used a freelance editor. The manuscript critique I received helped me improve my book which, in turn, went on to be shortlisted for the Bath Children's Novel Award, gained me multiple offers of agent representation, and ultimately became my debut novel.


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"I try to leave out the parts people skip"~ Elmore Leonard

About Me

Hi, I'm Emma Read, award-winning children's author, mentor and creative writing tutor. I have a passion for helping writers hone their words and ideas. I specialise in children's fiction, but am also experienced in critiquing adult literature.


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Creativity and Passion

Query Packages

Catch an agent's eye with your cover letter, synopsis, and first three chapters of your manuscript

Developmental, and Line and Copy Editing

First Draft Feedback

A deep dive into the structure and/or prose of your finished novel, considering plot, pace, style, voice, character, and more.   

Let's talk about your first draft, outline, or premise with an aim to develop your story and build it from the ground up 

Free Critique

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Leah James, Executive Editor, Scholastic Children’s Books

"Working with Emma has been brilliant, a real pleasure – her reader report was inciteful, professional and delivered before the deadline." 

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“I never write ‘metropolis’ for seven cents when I can write ‘city’ and get paid the same.” ~ Mark Twain

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